Go Go Take 10 Challenge

September 15 ‐ 29

Go Go Take 10 Challenge

This is a general challenge.

The mindful practice of meditation is used to focus attention on the present moment. It also helps us learn to not get caught up with our thoughts, but instead simply acknowledge them and let them go. And a little meditation goes a long way, at least when it comes to quieting the mind in stressful situations.

To reduce stress over the next 2 weeks, you’ll begin your own daily practice by taking 10! You may find yourself slowing down and concentrating on your breath as you become stressed or overwhelmed.

Check in each day you take 10 minutes to meditate. Accumulate 70 minutes of meditation over the next 2 weeks for completion credit.

Here’s the basic practice:
• Sit with your back straight enough that you’re comfortable—on a chair, a cushion on the floor, at your desk—and set your timer for 10 minutes.
• Close your eyes, relax and don’t move except to breathe until the timer goes off.
• Focus on your breath going in and out.
• Every time you have a thought or an urge, notice it and then bring yourself back to your breath.


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