Go Go Banish the Yawn Challenge

September 15 ‐ 29

Go Go Banish the Yawn Challenge

This is a general challenge.

Do you know anyone who isn’t sleep deprived? If you answer is yes and it’s you, go away. Find a different challenge for your bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed self. This one is for the dark-circled, caffeine-addicted, yawning masses.

The experts are full of reasons why no one is sleeping well – too much screen time, bad diets, our high-paced super crazy mega ultra extreme lifestyles. Whatever it is, it’s not good. Lots of health problems, productivity losses and accidents are commonly blamed on the sleep debt epidemic.

Practice good sleep hygiene:
Create a comfy sleep environment – cheetah print sheets optional.
Pay attention to your bedroom’s temperature – this isn’t hot yoga.
Look into a white noise machine.
Limit your pre-bedtime screen time.
If a sleep disorder or snoring is the culprit, consider seeing your doctor.

Check in every morning with how you slept last night.


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