Go WRITE Challenge

May 01 ‐ 31

Go WRITE Challenge

Category: Mind, Spirit

Category: emotional wellness
Rules: check in every time that you write in your journal about what you are grateful for each day. Journals provided by GoUSF.
Duration: one month
Completion credit: 15 check-ins = automatically entered into a raffle for a chance to win a prize

Emotional wellness implies the ability to be aware of and accept our feelings, rather than deny them, to cultivate an optimistic approach to life, and to enjoy life despite occasional disappointments and frustrations. One who is engaged in the process of emotional wellness is willing and able to:

  • arrive at personal choices and decisions based upon the synthesis of feelings, thoughts, philosophies, and behavior
  • live and work independently while realizing the importance of seeking and appreciating the support and assistance of others
  • form interdependent relationships with others based upon a foundation of mutual commitment, trust, and respect
  • take on challenges and risks
  • recognize that conflict can be potentially healthy
  • manage life in personally rewarding ways
  • take responsibility for actions

In this challenge, you are encouraged to spend several minutes every day focused on things for which you are grateful. There is a growing body of research to support the idea that people who consistently practice gratitude report a host of benefits, including the following:

  • stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure
  • higher levels of positive emotions
  • more joy, optimism and happiness
  • acting with more generosity and compassion
  • feeling less lonely and isolated

In other words, it pays off to notice, appreciate and relish the good stuff!


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