Go RELAX-2018 Challenge

November 01 ‐ 30

Go RELAX-2018 Challenge

Category: Body, Mind, Spirit

Relaxing is healthy!

Between November 1 – November 30, challenge yourself to spend at least 5 minutes a day relaxing through daily yoga and/or meditation. Check out other relaxing GoUSF events to support your effort

Challenge Details:

  • Check-in here, on the Go Relax Challenge page, each time that you do yoga, meditate or both; maximum of 1 check in per day.
  • Check-in at least 8 times and you will be entered into a raffle to win a prize

A few friendly suggestions:

  • Follow along with the videos featuring your colleagues
  • Attend Group Meditation for Faculty and Staff or meditate on your own
  • Attend Yoga for Faculty and Staff or do yoga on your own

Relax your mind and body in 5 minutes a day!


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  1. This weekend, I sat in a beautiful tree looking at the ocean near Slide Ranch half-way through a hike with my girls.

  2. Last night, I saw one of the coyotes doing yoga on the Lone Mountain lawn.

  3. I’ve been subscribing to Deepak’s free meditations online. They are 21 days. If you miss a day, you have up to five days to go back to them. They are awesome, and Free, several times a year.

  4. highly recommend Headspace (free) mediation app. I actually look forward to it every night!

    • I downloaded Headspace right before this challenge started.

  5. This smoke is really affecting my mood, and energy. Meditation is the only outlet with our wildfires. I pray for those impacted. My heart goes to those who have lost their homes, lives, and belongings. It is so sad.

    • i agree. this smoke is so terrible and unbelievable. as bad as it is for us, i can’t imagine the ones living in the affected area 🙁


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