Go READ Challenge

June 01 ‐ 30

Go READ Challenge

Category: Mind, Spirit

Category: intellectual wellness
Rules: check in each time that you read and note how long you read for and what you are reading
Duration: one month
Completion credit: 200 minutes = automatically entered into a raffle for a chance to win a prize

Intellectual wellness encourages creative, stimulating mental activities to expand knowledge, improve skills, and discover the potential for sharing one’s gifts with others. Behaviors of an intellectually well person include the following:

  • cherishes mental growth and stimulation
  • participates in intellectual and cultural activities
  • engages in the exploration of new ideas and understandings
  • makes healthy, informed lifestyle choices
  • handles stress well
  • relates to others
  • is curious and interested in the communities as well as the world around them

As you develop your intellectual curiosity, you’ll actively strive to expand and challenge your mind with creative endeavors. From childhood and adolescence through adulthood, it is important to attend to our intellectual health by:

  • exploring issues related to problem solving
  • tapping into our creativity
  • continuing to learn new skills and acquire knowledge
  • pursuing personal interests
  • reading books, magazines, and newspapers
  • keeping abreast of current issues and ideas

This wellness challenge promotes reading as one of the many important intellectual activities. Be sure to share in the comments section what book you’re reading, how far you’ve gotten, what the book is about, and if you’re enjoying it or not, etc. Also, if you need a good book recommendation, visit Gleeson Library and speak with one of our incredible staff members!


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