Go MOVE@HOME Challenge

April 01 ‐ July 31

Go MOVE@HOME Challenge

Category: Body

Category: physical wellness
Rules: check in each time that you exercise anywhere and include the length of time; no maximum of daily check-ins or minutes
Duration: one month or until shelter in place is over

Physical wellness promotes proper care of our entire bodies for optimal health and functioning. Purposeful exercise (i.e. cardiovascular, strength training, etc.), cumulative daily movement, minimal sitting, proper rest and sleep, preventative medical care, and healthy eating habits are just some of the components of physical wellness that contribute to our overall well-being.

In this challenge, the focus is on purposeful exercise and daily movement, similar to the Go Move Challenge in February that takes place among AJCU faculty and staff. During this shelter in place time, USF faculty and staff will compete against USF students to inspire one another to move more!

Be sure to include your minutes and describe the type(s) of physical activity each time you check in.


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