Go BOND-2018 Challenge

July 01 ‐ 31

Go BOND-2018 Challenge

Category: Body, Spirit

Category: social wellness
Rules: check in every time that you socialize for 30 minutes or longer with one or more colleagues during lunch or before or after work (e.g. walk the Dons Meaningful Mile, share a meal, go bowling, attend a sports game, attend a workshop together, etc.); maximum of one check in daily
Duration: one month
Completion credit: six check-ins = automatically entered into a raffle for a chance to win a prize

Social wellness is the ability to connect with and relate to other people in the world. Because we spend so much of our days working, typically at an environment outside of our homes, it is quite possible that we see our colleagues more often than our spouses, children, friends, and other loved ones in a lifetime.

Getting to know your colleagues at work is not always easy. Whether someone is introverted or just incredibly inundated with a heavy workload, it can be difficult to find the motivation to look up from our computer screens, remove our headphones, or join a colleague for a lunch break.

However, being social is part of human nature and improves our happiness, and if we are spending so much time at work, it is equally important that we socialize with our colleagues outside of the office. So, the next time that you walk to the water cooler or coffee machine, make sure you give a friendly hello to your colleagues – especially now that you know it is good for your health!


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  1. Time to bond with your colleagues! Take a walk on the dons meaningful mile or to GG park at lunch. Share your other ideas too!


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