About Designed by U

About Designed by U

What is a Designed by U Challenge?

As its name indicates, a “Designed by U Challenge” is a challenge that you design from scratch. Whether you want to drink more water, walk more, read more, or help encourage other habit changes, you can design challenges for you and your colleagues to help everyone achieve their goals.

How do I set up a Designed by U Challenge?

  1. Click on “designed by U” in the top green menu bar of the GoUSFchallenges.org website
  2. Enter your first and last name, USF email address, and a name for your challenge
  3. Select a category (choose all that apply):
    • Mind: mental activities that keep your mind sharp and engaged (i.e., doing puzzles, reading, dancing, drawing, writing, taking a different route to work, taking a 10-minute break)
    • Body: physical activities that help the body flourish (i.e., diet, exercise, water, sleep)
    • Spirit: spiritual activities that help reconnect you with the natural world (i.e., meditation, yoga, relax, volunteer, show gratitude, spend time outdoors)
  4. Enter the length of the challenge in days
    • GoUSF recommends that the duration of your challenge range between 7-30 days, depending on the activity and your ultimate goal
    • For example, a 1-2 week challenge may have the highest engagement among colleagues while a 3-4 week challenge may increase the likelihood of changing or instilling a new habit
    • Choose a timeframe that works best for your type of challenge
  5. Enter the dates that you want the challenge to start and end
  6. Select a method of how employees will participate (choose one):
    • Check-ins: when time does not matter, select this option; for example, participants check-in every time that they accomplish the challenge goal (i.e., check in every time you give someone a compliment, do 10 push-ups, volunteer, etc.)
    • Minutes: select this option when you want to track the minutes of involvement (i.e., enter the minutes of movement, reading, sleeping, etc.)
    • Other: describe what you desire to track (i.e., sit ups, glasses of water, miles walked, cleaning up, doing laundry, squats, etc. that the participant must achieve upon each check in)
  7. Enter the challenge completion requirements
    • Depending on the method of participation, enter the number of check-ins, minutes, or other item being tracked that is required to complete the challenge
  8. Describe the challenge with as much detail as possible, and provide examples
    • Include cool facts after researching online
    • Include specific examples so participants know exactly how to play




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